Little Crab Story Massage

This is a fun massage to do on the beach or after a trip to the seaside.


Start by talking about some of the things that you have seen at the beach. With your child's permission, start to trace an object or animal on their back, describing it as you go.

For example :


" It is hard, flat and smooth (draw a rounded object). It has speckles on it" (trace small circles on the big one)  a pebble.


Try different techniques when tracing, either your index finger or the flat of your whole hand. Ask your child which they prefer.


Repeat this with a crab. Keep the descriptions simple with young ones and adapt the vocabulary with older ones.


« It is an animal. It lives in a rock pool (trace a circle) or in the sea (wave the flat of your hand from side to side on the back.) It has a rounded hard back (trace a circle). It has eight legs and two sharp pincers (trace these on the back) to catch it's food. What do you think it is ? »


Let your child trace something on your back.


Now try this little story:


One day while Ella (substitute with your child's name) was playing at the seaside she discovered a rock pool..


trace a big circle on your child's back using the flat of your hand


She peered inside and there she saw a tiny crab moving this way and that way, this way and that way.


finger sprinkles across the back from left to right and back again


It came closer and closer....


finger sprinkles moving towards the big toe


and then suddenly.....nipped her toe!


Gently squeeze the big toe


« OW! Let it go ! » She shouted.


Release the squeeze


The crab let go of her toe and scuttled away under a nearby rock


Finger sprinkles up the back


Repeat the story nipping (gently squeezing) other parts of the body !


Enjoy the giggles that follow!