Meg's Spell: A Halloween Story Massage

based on the story: Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski        

Well, it's all about witches here at the moment. Meg and Mog (by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski) seems to be a favourite both with my girls and with my young EFL students. It is about a witch (Meg) and her cat (Mog) who prepare for a spell-making Halloween party. Unfortunately the spell does not go exactly to plan.

Meg and Mog has short simple sentences which make it an ideal book for pre-school children or those learning English. Daily routines, time, breakfasts eaten in the UK, clothes and of course Halloween, could be exploited from using this book. Our focus was spell making and Halloween.


As with all our massage strokes, please refer to the storymassage link below. Always ask permission before giving a massage.


Once upon a time there was a witch called Meg (fan)

She lived with her cat, Mog (claw)

One night she woke-up and got dressed (fan)

She ate her breakfast (bounce)

Then she flew up into the sky on her broomstick...Whoosh!! (fan)

She said hello to her friends (wave)

They landed on a hill and made a spell in Meg's cauldron (circle)

They put in a frog (walk)

a snake (wave)

a bat (calm)

and a spider (sprinkles)

Meg stirred the cauldron and they chanted their spell (circles)

"Frog in a bog

Bat in a hat

Snap, crackle, pop and fancy that!"


Boom!!! (big circles)

OOPS!! All the witches changed into mice (sprinkles)

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